Closing expo Dubai

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On the occasion of the closing of EXPO 2020 in Dubai, on 31st March 2022, Consul Silvia Grosso visited the São Tomé and Príncipe Pavilion as a representative of the country and to promote all the work done over the six months during which the universal exhibition was held, which ended with a fireworks display and a closing ceremony.

The balance of São Tomé and Príncipe's participation in EXPO 2020 is positive, with 108462 visitors, who were able to come into contact with São Toméan culture.

Although the influx of tourists was low in the first period, due to the pandemic condition, which resulted in an access of: 10000 visitors in October, 11402 in November, 18595 in December and 11156, the last two months saw a flux of 28156 and 28705 tourists. 

Having come to the end of this experience, the Consul took the opportunity to formally thank the country of São Tomé and Príncipe, all the Ministries involved:

- Ministry of Tourism and Culture

- Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Communities

- Ministry of Planning, Finance and Blue Economy

- Ministry of Agriculture-Forestry/FAO/FIDA/PRIASA II

- Ministry of Education - PNASE

As well as all the participants and exhibitors for the excellent cooperation and coordination that took place, making the country's participation in such an important event as EXPO 2020 Dubai a memorable one, with the wish for both economic  social and cultural improvement that may follow.